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BayCreek Management

Ken Altfather


  • CEO
  • Head SUP Instructor
  • Kayak Instructor
  • Canoe Instructor


One of the founders of BayCreek in 1996, Ken is an avid paddler who's specialties include Surf Skis, SUPs, C2 Canoe Racing and Freestyle Canoeing.  Ken loves getting out on the water  and is always excited to introduce new people to the sport of paddling!



Dave Hulburt


  • Buyer / Manager / Web Design & Marketing
  • Head Kayak Instructor
  • Canoe Instructor
  • Kayak & Canoe Camping Guide


Joining the BayCreek Team with wife Morgan in 2005, Dave loves being outside and loves being on the water!  Dave has worked in the outdoor industry since 1996 doing everything from Ice Climbing/Mountaineering and Backpacking to extended Canoe and Sea Kayak expeditions.  For Dave one of the best things about working for BayCreek is getting to spread his joy of paddling to students and customers.



Morgan Knapp


  • Manager / Group Coordinator
  • Head Nature Guide
  • Kayak Instructor
  • Kayak & Canoe Camping Guide


Morgan Joined BayCreek in 2005 along with husband Dave,  Morgan grew up enjoying the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.  She has hiked up and down the east coast while completing the Appalachian Trail twice (once Northbound and once Southbound). Morgan has a passion for canoeing, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding and loves sharing that passion with BayCreek.



BayCreek Shop Staff

Nona Brown


  • Sales Associate / Guide


Winona joined the BayCreek gang in 2015, but took 2017 and 2018 off.  She has been paddling for fifteen years and there are very few things she loves more!  She has spent those years routinely visiting her favorite outdoor haven, Algonquin Park. Up north, she has previously worked as the head of the Kayaking, Sailing and Canoeing programs at Camp Northway Lodge and also as a guide for backcountry canoe trips.  She just completed an Outdoor Adventure Naturalist program at Algonquin College. Although she loves being on the water in any capacity, Winona is a staunch canoeist! Aside from paddling, she loves camping, making bonfires, and cliff jumping. Oh, and she loves to dance.


Ally English


  • Customer Service


Ally has resentment towards those who choose to bore readers of this website with biographies much too wordy for their own good. (see above)




BayCreek Rental Staff

Mark Snyder


  • Rental Associate / Shuttle Driver





Jacob "Twiggs" Berry


  • Rental Associate


BayCreek welcomed Jacob "twiggs" Berry aboard in 2011,  jacob loves the outdoors and enjoys just exploring. Jacob does a variety of activities ranging from hiking and camping to kayaking and kayak racing.


Max "Maximus Prime" Davis


  • Rental Associate


"I'm Max. I am 20. I like raspberries and blackberries but not blueberries...and oatmeal raisin cookies. I'm 5'9". Rammestein #1 fan."




Peter VanHouten


  • Rental Associate





Forest Hulburt


  • Rental Associate?


BayCreek welcomed Forest to the family in 2014.  Currently Forest enjoys sitting in the bow of the canoe and occasionally dragging his paddle in the water (we're working on that one).  Don't be surprised if Forest hands you a life jacket to get you started on your rental!



BayCreek Instructors & Guides

Nathan Reynolds


  • SUP Instructor / Sales Associate


Nate Has been a member of the BayCreek gang since 2011, ...



Jeff Berry


  • Kayak Instructor / Sales Associate


Jeff Has been a member of the BayCreek gang since 2010, ...



Jim Mallory


  • BayCreek Racing Team Coach / Fitness Kayak Instructor


Jim Has been a member of the BayCreek gang sine 2010, ...



Dan Theil


  • Kayak Instructor


Dan Has been a member of the BayCreek gang since 2013, ...



Lynne Staropoli Boucher


  • SUP Yoga Instructor
  • SUP Fitness Instructor


Lynne has been a member of the BayCreek gang since 2014 and a certified RYT since 2012.  Lynne's specialties are power vinyasa yoga, yoga for athletes and SUP yoga.



Sherry Kessler


  • SUP Yoga Instructor


Sherry has been a member of the BayCreek gang since 2014 and a certified RYT since 2007. Sherry's specialties include yoga therapeutics, vinyasa flow yoga, yoga for athletes and SUP yoga.

Ken Switzer


  • SUP Instructor



BayCreek Kids Kamp Counselors



  • Kids Kamp Counselor







  • Kids Kamp Counselor





BayCreek Alumni Staff

Jeff Buchman


Nena Vandebroek


Megan Feeney


Lynne Fahy


Alex King


Mike Peet


Winona Brown

Pat Frech


Brad Jones


James Revekant