All-around boards are excellent for recreational paddling, general fitness, SUP Yoga and even mild surf.  If you like the idea of a quiet morning paddle past the cottages of your lake, or you are thinking of adding a SUP routine to your general fitness regime, or you imagine your kids playing on a board - walking around, doing head stands, cartwheels, etc. - then an All Arounder could be right for you. Come in ANYTIME to demo these boards - or, schedule a demo and we'll make time just for you.



The Riviera

Original 10'6"

Length: 10'6"    Width: 32"

Riviera Original 10'6"


The Rivi 10'6 is a sweet board at a sweet price.  She'll get you out on the water with confidence and ease.  This year's models come equipped with a 9 inch fin, offering improved tracking, but step back a bit and she pivots on a dime. Don't let the low price scare you, the Riviera boards have proven their durability in our well used rental fleet.  Of course, they aren't indestructable, but the Rivis were the first out in the morning and the last back at night and they held up really well to all sorts of beginner mistakes.  So, if its casual paddling, SUP Yoga, family use, or an occasional surf session, the Rivi 10'6 is the perfect board to get you started.


MSRP: $950


Cruise 11'

Length: 11'    Width: 31"

NSP Cruise 11'


This is a NEW board for 2016!  What is noticeable right off the bat is the E2 construction is very strong and the full pad (nose to tail) is great for yoga, carrying a child or dog on the nose or simply taking a nap. We really like the dimensions too - with the 11 feet providing glide and the 31" adding plenty of stability. This will be a great choice of an all arounder for the family.


MSRP: $1149


Recon 11'4"

Length: 11'4"    Width: 29.5"

SIC Recon 11'4"


We've fallen in love with the look and the feel of this board.  It falls into the planing (surfboard-like) category, but because of her pointed nose and progressive rocker, she has more flatwater speed than you'd expect.  Just demo this board against the the cookie-cutter designs of some competitors and you'll immediately agree she has a liveliness that just enhances your paddling experience. Believe us!  this board, along with the entire SIC line, is really special.


MSRP: $1399

The Riviera

Original 11'6"

Length: 11'6"    Width: 33"

Riviera Original 11'6"


Last year, this board was reshaped to appeal to a broader audience.  The width was increased to 33 inches and the tail tucked in to a pin design.  We are really pleased and with these changes, the board now carries a larger person (up to 230 lbs), is quite stable and still responsive to maneuvering. The novice will love this board as it encourages one to get comfortable moving around on the board - changing stance, weighting the tail, walking to the nose - and in general just having fun.


MSRP:  $950


Cruise 11'6"

Length: 11'6"    Width: 33"

NSP Cruise 11'6"


Like her sister board, the 11' above, you can just feel the quality of construction- very strong shell with a comfortable, durable, full-length pad. This one board will do it all - cruise, yoga, kids. Perfect for family or cottage use. If interested in an all around board, definitely put the Cruise on your list of boards to demo.


MSRP: $1199




Recon 11'11"

Length: 11'11"    Width: 31"

SIC Recon 11'11"


The story on this board is identical to that of the Recon 11'4" (see above), just for the larger paddler.  For best performance, we'd put the weight range at 160 lbs to 230 lbs. To paddle her is to love her. If you want a distinctive looking, sweet paddling board, you'll have to give this one a try.


MSRP: $1399