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Group Activities



BayCreek has a number of options for larger groups looking to enjoy a day on the water!


You can....

  • Rent from our docks and paddle the "Secret Wilderness"
  • Charter a private shuttle to Ellison Park
  • Charter a private guided tour of the wetlands
  • Arrange a custom kayak class (max 6 people) or SUP class (max 8 people)
  • Schedule your school's outdoor activity


What Constitutes a Group?

  • Any number of people requiring 6 or more boats or paddleboards. Note, for groups over 35 people, there is an additional surcharge. See rates below.


When Are Group Rates Available?

  • Weekdays 9am - 5pm. Note: We close at 5pm on Thursdays.
  • Weekends 8:30am for YOUTH GROUPS ONLY.
  • Not available on holidays.


What Do We Have to Do?

Your group must satisfy these requirements:


  • Call  to make a reservation (the earlier the better, for availability).
  • Leader must have waivers filled out in advance.
  • Waivers must be co-signed by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN if participant is under 18 years old.
  • Leader presents signed waivers and a single form of payment.
  • If renting from our docks or taking the shuttle, lead and sweep boats, paddled by competent, adult paddlers, must be identified and their roles known and understood by them. See link to guidelines.
  • If your group is large, please keep your group organized and be respectful of others.

1 Hour

1.5 Hours

2 Hours

3 - 4 Hours

$17 /person

$23 /person

$28 /person

$35 /person

SUP / Solo Kayak

Canoe / Tandem Kayak

$8.50 /person

$11.50 /person

$14 /person

$17.50 /person

5 - 8 Hours

$44 /person

$22 /person


* $40 surcharge for groups over 35 people

* Group Rates & Policies subject to change without notice



Ellison Park Shuttle

$36 per person solo kayak

$17 per person tandem kayak or canoe


Guided Nature Tour

$32 per person (1.5 hour guided tour)


War Canoe Nature Tour

$150 (1.5 hrs)

Min 6 adults

Max 11 total


War Canoe Rental Rates (holds 11 paddlers)

$60 per hour

Group Instruction

Min 4 people / Max 6 people

$50 per person (2.5 hours)


Min 4 people / Max 8 people

$45 per person (1.5 hours)


Min 4 people / Max 6 people

$50 per person (2.5 hours)


Call for Reservations


  • For convenience, rates are specified on a per person basis.

**These guidelines must be followed to qualify for the group rates at BayCreek.**