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Nature Tours

Guided Nature Tour of the "Secret Wilderness" - 2 hours


BayCreek is located in a truly unique setting.   South of BayCreek is a scenic marshland rich in both natural and human history.  North of our dock is the picturesque Irondequoit Bay with its sand cliffs, convoluted shoreline and secluded coves.  Our guide will lead you through this fascinating area, covering territory in the Irondequoit Creek wetlands, Ellison Park, and the southern tip of the bay.


With our family-friendly tour you will receive basic instruction in paddling and the use of a solo kayak, tandem kayak or canoe. No experience is required to join this naturalist-led tour of Rochester’s very own mini-wilderness.


Float through time and history, from the period of the glaciers to modern day and from the days of the Senecas to the days of ship building on the creek.  Observe the natural beauty and the home of many birds, mammals and fish.  Paddle past a gaggle of geese. Catch sight of muskrat, mink, beaver, deer, trout, turtles, red winged blackbirds, kingfishers, great blue heron and more. There’s a multitude of wildlife to view around every bend! Witness the effects of man’s development and hear how our community has worked to preserve this urban oasis.

Call to sign up today!  The Nature Tour is an unforgettable way to explore Rochester's Secret Wilderness.


Reservations:  Required

Schedule:  Sat 9:30am -11:30am

Fee:  $60 per person

Private Tour:  May be arranged, see Group Activities.

No Credit Card Required!

War Canoe Nature Tour - 1½  hours


The Back to Nature War Canoe Tour is given in BayCreek’s 23-foot war canoe. The war canoe is perfect for groups looking to stay together through the meandering channels of the creek. Your guide will steer from the stern, allowing paddlers greater freedom for photography, relaxation and sightseeing. War Canoe Tours are also a great option for groups that have paddlers with anxiety, difficulty hearing, or lots of curious and squirming youngsters - this 300-pound canoe is impervious to capsizing, though many have tried! Groups with 6 to 11 people are welcome to request this popular boat for their guided tour.


Call to schedule a tour today!


Reservations: Required

Fee:  $150 Flat Rate