The Islay features a long waterline for speed and tracking and an asymmetric hull that is nimble on edge. Solid stability gives beginning paddlers plenty of confidence and a roomy cockpit makes for comfortable all-day seating.

The Venture Islay 14  -  Length: 14'       Width: 23.5"

                         14 LV -  Length: 13'9"    Width: 22.5"

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The Saranac 14 offers a secure non-confining feel in the cockpit and performance that thrills all who paddle it.  It’s mid range length and rounded chines make it an excellent vessel for the adventurous day paddler or weekend tripper.

The Swift Saranac 14 -  Length: 14'    Width: 23.5"

                         14 LV -  Length: 14'    Width: 23.5"

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THE SOJOURN 146 and 146 LV are the premier models in the Sojourn series and, at 14 feet 6 inches long, offer excellent speed and tracking in a package that also navigates tight turns with ease. The Sojourn 146 is designed to fit medium to larger paddlers, while the Sojourn 146 LV (low volume) was designed with smaller folks in mind.

The Hurricane Sojourn 146 -  Length: 14'6"    Width: 24.6"

                                146 LV -  Length: 14'6"    Width: 24.6"

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Whether carrying the kayak on your shoulder or loading it on your car, it takes the chore out of getting to the water. On the water it handles like a longer kayak; moderately rockered, good stability, long waterline and a fine bow ensure the ST tracks well and gives it a touring speed better than many longer kayaks.

The Valley Gemini ST -  Length: 14'10     Width: 22"

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The Saranac 15 design follows the traditions of its predecessors by utilizing the same distinctive style and shape, but offers more space under the deck for larger paddlers and an increased waterline for better glide. It accelerates with ease and maintains speed with minimal effort, making it the easy choice for adventurous paddlers or those who need a little more leg room.

The Swift Saranac 15 -  Length: 14'    Width: 24"

                         15 LV -  Length: 14'    Width: 24"

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