1099 Empire Boulevard    Rochester, New York 14609    (585)288-2830

The BayCreek Rough Riders


A continuing training program for sea kayakers interested in becoming competent openwater and / or expedition paddlers. Lake Ontario is the training venue for most sessions. Additional trips are also offered.


This program meets Thursday evenings 6pm – 8pm June through August.

The BayCreek Racing Team


This is an ongoing program for individuals interested in fitness paddling and / or racing. Both flatwater and openwater training is offered.


This program runs April through September.

The BayCreek Downwind Shredders


Beginning in mid-August, and running each Wednesday evening, BayCreek offers a seven-week Downwind Shuttle service on Lake Ontario for stand up paddleboarders and surf skiers. This is NOT a guided paddle. All paddlers must be competent in paddling rough water (up to six ft chop) and competent in self rescue. Paddlers will be grouped into pods with each paddler responsible for helping his pod members if difficulty arises. This service is ONLY available to owners of boards and/or kayaks purchased from BayCreek. All downwind paddlers must be deemed qualified by instructor.


This program runs Wednesday evenings 5:30 – dark, mid-August to mid-September.

$105 / paddler