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Wednesday Nite Fun Races

2017 Wednesday Nite Fun Races - 6pm - 8pm (June 7th - August 9th)


New Race Course  - High water will make paddling the creek fast and fun, but the low clearance under Empire Blvd bridge, dictates a new course this year. So for this season, the course will be creek only - one mile up and one mile down with just one buoy turn. We'll only be able to record your overall time, but no splits will be possible and we'll start fresh with a new data series.


New PR's - Everyone will first establish a time for the new course and then try to better that as the series continues. We'll keep the previous 10 years worth of data on the old course and return to it next season (assuming the water levels will be lower).


$10 / Person  w/additional $10 / Boat or Board Rental


Start Time:

  • Anytime between 6pm and 7pm.



  • 7:30pm - 8pm


Also, check out these other fitness options:

  • BayCreek Racing Team
    • If you are interested in racing or just training with our racing team, give us a call and we'll put you in touch with Jim or Ken.


2015 Wednesday Nite Race Results

Thanks to our sponsors for donating some great prizes!

2016 Wednesday Nite Race Results

2017 Wednesday Nite Race Results