Solo paddlers are often some of our most knowledgeable clients, and their desire for a compact and nimble solo canoe inspired the David Yost designed Keewaydin 14. Offering a slightly narrower paddling station than its big brother the Keewaydin 15, with sharp entry lines and a performance-oriented hull design, the Keewaydin 14 has the dynamic capabilities of the 15 but with even better responsiveness. Quick on the turn and quick up to speed, the Keewaydin 14 is the perfect fit for smaller to mid-size paddlers or those who travel light.

The Swift Keewaydin 14

Length: 14'

Maximum Width: 28"

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The Keewaydin 15 offers an unparalleled balance of comfort and performance. The comfort comes from its shallow arch hull and moderate width, making it a stable solo for sit-down paddlers. The performance lies in its enhanced tumblehome and mid-range waterline, making it ultra-responsive when leaned or heeled. Whether you’re headed deep into the backcountry or around the cottage, the Keewaydin 15 will put you at ease, freeing you up to enjoy the beauty around you.

The Swift Keewaydin 15

Length: 15'

Maximum Width: 29.5"

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The Shearwater is a roomy, stable solo tripper that is most at home on open water. With its high weight capacity and generous length you can bring all the gear you need and still cruise with ease. For long-range solo trippers, or for those who need room for gear or a four-legged partner, the Shearwater is the way to go.

The Swift Shearwater

Length: 16'2"

Maximum Width: 30"

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