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SUP Buyers Benefits


Your Stand Up Paddleboard purchase at BayCreek comes with BENEFITS: five, to be exact.  We don’t just leave you to fend for yourself.  Here’s what you're entitled to - compliments of BayCreek:


1. Free Lessons for Life

You are entitled to participate in our Basics of Stand Up Paddleboarding as many times as you like.  You’ll learn some really cool strokes – the Hawaiian Forward Stroke, Forward Sweep, Reverse Sweep, and the Hook Stroke.  Because you can take the class as many times as you like, you can perfect your strokes until you are paddling like a pro.  The one time value of this benefit is $60.  Come twice and it’s worth $120.


2. Discounts on Intermediate SUP Classes

Your BayCreek Benefits entitles you to a 20% discount on intermediate classes.


3. Discounts on SUP Accessories

  • 12% Discount on your SUP Accessories for 30 days after purchase.
  • 8% Discount thereafter for life.

These discounts apply to essential items like car roof racks, paddles, leashes, life jackets, and nice-to-have things like wet suits, hydration systems, footwear and more.


4. Free Launching At BayCreek

You have full access to our docks to drop in your board and paddle the beautiful, sheltered Irondequoit Creek wetlands or venture out into the more open bay, a great way to start up the open water learning curve.  This is a $5 savings over the poor stiff who bought his board elsewhere.


5. Eligibility into our SUP Master’s Program

Your board purchase at BayCreek, makes you eligible for our exclusive SUP Master’s program called the Downwinders.  All you need is to advance your skills to the point that you can paddle open water effectively and safely and then you can joined our shuttle supported downwind runs on Lake Ontario.  It’s a blast!