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SUP Fitness

SUP Fitness - 1½ hours


Why go to an indoor gym when you can get a fun, full body workout in the great outdoors?

BayCreek’s SUP Fitness class will give you 90 minutes of cardio and fitness intensity out on the water, all while touring the "secret wilderness" of Irondequoit Creek.

SUP Fitness involves both static and dynamic conditioning for your core, upper body and lower body. Through alternating intervals of paddling and working out on the board, you will improve balance, flexibility, strength and conditioning,

Students have the option to power exercises up or down, making this unique class open to SUP fans of all kinds!  SUP experience recommended but not necessary, check out our SUP Instruction options if you are interested!


$25.00 / person - Reservations Required.

4 - 8 participants required

Ages 18 and up

Early June - Early September


Groups by Reservation ONLY


GUIDELINES for your SUP Yoga experience:

What to wear:

  • Any athletic clothes and/or bathing suit.

What to bring:

  • Payment for your class (cash, credit, or check)
  • Extra layer of clothes (optional) depending on weather
  • Water bottle (optional)
  • Sunglasses with holder (optional)
  • Towel and change of clothes (just in case...)


What to expect:

Participants are asked to arrive at Baycreek 15 minutes before the scheduled class time to sign waivers, make payment, and prepare for class. The class begins with a brief land session - 10 minutes of introductions, brief instructions/refresher for paddling, and sizing of life jackets/belts, boards and paddles. Then we'll head out onto the water for 80 minutes of working out, alternating between paddling and stopping to work on legs, arms and abs before heading back to our home base at BayCreek.

"A great change of pace from the typical workout. Serene. Challenging. Energizing."

-Joe Becker

"If you want a blend of beautiful scenery and a break from your same old workout routine, SUP fitness is a perfect blend of cardio and strength all while enjoying the challenge of working out on your board."

-Angela Dana

"Sometimes exercise is a chore. This was NOT! It was enjoyable and rigorous and beautiful and heart-pumping! Loved it!"

-Christine Purtell