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The Basics of Stand Up Paddleboarding – 1½ hours (free with Boat Buyer's Benefits)


Join us for this informative class and get started the right way. You'll learn paddleboarding nomenclature, board and paddle designs, regulations governing paddleboards, the safe way to board from a dock, how to stand, fall and remount, what to do in windy and wavy conditions, the Hawaiian forward stroke, sweep strokes, hook stroke and much more. This is a fun way to get started in this great new sport!

$60.00 / person - Reservations Required

Maximum class size is 5 people

Mid-May through September

Fridays @ 4:00pm

Saturdays @ 10:00am

Sundays @ 10:00am

No Credit Card Required!

Intermediate Stand Up Paddleboarding – 2 hours


This class fine tunes the strokes of the Basics class and introduces you to movement on the board. We'll first work on balance techniques on land and determine your preferred stance (regular or goofy). Then we'll get on the boards, paddle out to the bay and work on stepping, jumping, cross-stepping, pivot turns and just for fun - nose shove-its. Plan to laugh and get wet. This is a great class to take your paddleboarding to another level of fun.

$60.00 / person - Reservations Required

Maximum class size is 5 people

Mid-May through September

3rd Sunday of every month @ 2:00pm

No Credit Card Required!

Intro To SUP Downwinding – 3 hours


This class builds the skills required to paddle and surf 2-5 foot traveling waves that are somewhat common on Lake Ontario in late summer and fall. This class is required before joining the Downwinder's Master's Program, a BayCreek shuttle service for BayCreek board owners.

$65.00 / person - Reservations Required

Maximum class size is 4 people

Mid-May through September

By Appointment

Private SUP Instruction


For students who prefer one-on-one or customized instruction, BayCreek offers private classes upon request.

1 Person: $60.00 / hour

2 People: $90.00 / hour

3 People: $100.00 / hour

Available Weekdays ONLY

Reservations Required