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Canoe, Kayak & SUP Rental



At BayCreek Paddling Center, you can rent stable, user-friendly canoes, solo kayaks, tandem kayaks and stand up paddleboards for use on-site from our docks to Irondequoit Creek and Bay (see route options below).


We know you are wondering, so here are our rates:

 "Rochester's Secret Wilderness"


BayCreek sits on the gateway to Rochester's Secret Wilderness - the wetlands of Irondequoit Creek.  Renting a canoe or kayak from BayCreek allows you to explore this natural wonderland and experience the relaxing enchantment of gliding through its waterways - an experience guaranteed to lift your spirits.  It's a great way to share a family outing that combines exercise, fun and the great outdoors.


From our docks paddling south, you will glide along various water courses through a vibrant cattail marsh and then pass beside steep hardwood cloaked hillsides to arrive at the Narrows.  With the bustling city hidden from view, beaver, muskrat, birds and deer abound and it only takes a little imagination to visualize an Adirondack or Algonquin wilderness.  From the Narrows, you may continue upstream toward the "Canopy of Trees" and Ellison Park proper, or you can explore the old mill race - a very quiet and secluded area.

We have 16' and 17' canoes for rent.  The 16' holds two adults and a child - weight limit 500 pounds.  The 17' can hold 3 adults or two adults and two children - weight limit 600 pounds.


Rental solo kayaks range in length from 12' to 14.5'.  We also have some kids boats that are 10' long.  The tandem kayaks seat two, but we have a few that will seat an additional small child.


We DO NOT take reservations for canoe and kayak rental, but we DO take reservations for the Ellison Park Shuttle Service.  If you are renting on a beautiful summer weekend, there may be a short delay for a boat. Come early or allow some flexibility in your schedule for busy weekends and holidays.


** BayCreek enforces a "zero tolerance" policy when it comes to alcoholic beverages.  Please do not drink alcohol while using BayCreek equipment.  Thank you.


Here are the two route options for renters:

Irondequoit Bay


Paddling north from BayCreek, you enter the lower end of Irondequoit Bay.  This larger body of water presents the paddler with a broad vista of the great valley once formed by an ancient river carving through sandy hills.  Paddling along the edges offers 10 miles of ever-changing views of woodland, coves, cottages, mansions, small boats and large yachts.  It also presents more challenging conditions, as wind, waves and wakes all come into play.  Best for canoeists and kayakers with some experience.

1 Hour

2 Hours

3-4 Hours

5-8 Hours





SUP / Solo Kayak

Canoe / Tandem Kayak





*Pricing is per boat or board, NOT per person

*Rental Rates subject to change without notice

Ellison Park Canoe & Kayak Shuttle



HOP ABOARD!  BayCreek Paddling Center offers a canoe/kayak shuttle to the launch site in Ellison Park.  After a short 10-minute ride, the bus arrives at the launch on the southern edge of the park.  From there, paddlers will travel downstream for about two miles as the creek twists and turns through the meadows of the park. You will pass underneath several wooden pedestrian bridges before exiting the parklands and passing under Browncroft Boulevard.  You'll now have about 2.5 more miles to go.  From this point on, the land is in a much more natural state.  Shortly after Browncroft, paddlers enter the "Canopy of Trees" and float beneath a ceiling of green.  Beyond that, boaters enter the upper marsh where sightings of beaver, muskrat, deer and numerous birds are common.  About a mile farther, paddlers arrive at the "Narrows" - a spot where the creek squeezes between the hills of Tryon and Lucien Morin Parks.  Paddlers then enter the lower marsh and have about 1.5 miles to meander back to BayCreek.  Typical trip time is two to 2.5 hours from the time the bus leaves BayCreek.


  • Our bus holds 19 passengers and pulls a trailer load of boats.


From mid-May to mid-October, the shuttle bus runs on this schedule:

$50 (tax included) per canoe or kayak, delivered to Ellison Park.

$25 if you have your own boat (must be 12ft or longer to fit on our trailer)




Private shuttles with a minimum of four boats may be arranged during the week, dependent upon driver availability.  Please call if interested.



  • Canoe capacity is:
    • Up to three adults (600 lbs), or
    • Two adults and two children
  • An adult 21 years old or older must accompany each group of paddlers.
  • A signed waiver must be completed by all paddlers.
    • Those under 18 must have parent or legal guardian sign the waiver.

3:00 pm

12:00 pm

9:00 am

Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays (Memorial Day, July 4th, & Labor Day)

Due to scheduling logistics we DO NOT accept shuttle reservations via email.


Please Call to reserve your spot!